TOP’s documentation


TOP consists of a python module, a compiler and several templates (see Stellar Models in TOP) to read stellar models. This allows users to write their own set of equations in a flexible way.

The basic workflow with TOP is the following:

  1. write an equation file (see Equation Files)
  2. compile this file with top-build
  3. compute oscillations modes and frequencies with top python module (see Python API):
    • read input parameters
    • read a stellar model
    • run the Arnoldi-Chebyshev method

TOP’s Software Architecture


This public version of the TOP code is part of the SPACEInn Project (Exploitation of Space Data for Innovative Helio- and Asteroseismology), initiated by the European Helio- and Asteroseismology Network (HELAS) and financed by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 project n° 312844). This work also benefits of the French Spatial Agency (CNES) through its support to the Plato mission.