Usage Examples



The directory example contains a subdirectory name surface that proposes python softwares and scripts:

  • is a module patched an averaged 3-D atmosphere on a 1-D stellar structure
  • is an example of use of the patch_model module followed by the frequency computation for the unpatched and patched model. The example is based on the solar cases. The reference model is the model S by by Christensen-Dalsgaard, J. et al. (1996, Science 272, 1286), the stellar atmosphere has been computed by Belkacem, K.,Samadi , R.,Kupka, F., Grimm-Strele, H. (in preparation) with the ANTARES code Muthsam et al. (2010, New Ast. 15, 460). At the end of the example the script compared computed frequencies with GOLF observation (Courtesy R.A. Garcia, CEA-Saclay)
  • is a script compiling top and running


Here are some results obtained with


Density profiles near the surface.


The frequencies of radial modes observed with GOLF compared to the ones computed with patched and unpatched models.

These results are based on an approach similar to the one used by Rosenthal et al. (1999, A&A 351, 689) or Piau et al. (2014, MNRAS 437, 164).